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BILL PETERSON LIVE is a charismatic KEY NOTE & MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER that will MOTIVATE your group to new heights. With a wealth of experience in various entrepreneurial fields and lessons from some of the "great ones" like Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Jack Canfield, and Earl Nightingale. Bill's unique style has thrilled audiences, including schools, for over 10 years! He was mentored by an International TEDx speaker and graduated from Wizard Academy - a non-traditional private business school in Texas.

Invite Bill to speak at your next event and make it remarkable!  

 "More than motivational: Life Changing!"









Key Note & Motivational Speaker Bill Peterson has presented his inspiring and educational talk "The Magic Of Financial Education" to Schools and Universities for over 10 years! It takes students on a magical journey through their own thoughts & beliefs, and a financial education that is not taught in schools! Students embrace this new found power and are motivated to reach for their dreams once again! A special fun & educational workshop is also available! Invite Bill to inspire and excite your students to new heights!

If you could have 3 wishes in life, what would it be? Happiness? Health? Wealth? Dreams do come true and Bill can share with you and your students, team, or staff the simple truths to having all three! This is not just a talk but a wealth of knowledge and insight that everyone can implement today toward achieving all three wishes. Bill has personally lost 60 lbs before and previously accumulated over 3 million in real estate. Invite Bill to share some simple truths and inspire your group today!

Bill has personally met with Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Donald Trump, and has studied the teachings and lessons from many of "the greats." Bill can pull lessons from many world-renown and influential leaders like Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale, and many others to provide an inspirational and motivational talk that will inspire, revitalize, and motivate your team with new clarity and vision. This can be Customized for you and your team to be truly special! Contact Bill regarding your theme today!

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"Bill, Before today, I thought I would be 50 before I would be financially comfortable. You made me realize, that it can happen so much sooner then that. Your presentation gave me hope. Thank you so much, you changed my life in a mere two hours. Simply amazing. Again, thank you... you're amazing."
- Jessica

"Your presentation really inspired me to follow my dream. I didn't think it could happen untill today. I would probably still be sitting at home thinking I would end up being an employee at an unssatisfing job in the future. I know one day I will be as succesful as I want to be & be able to live a amazing life. Thank you for all your inspiration."

"I enjoyed the presentation from the beginning till the end and all the way through. You taught me things I thought was never possible and got me to believe more in myself. It gives me great pleasure to thank you for your time you gave our class I have to say my favourite thing I learned was how to invest in things and what the important things in life are to invest in. Thank you again for the amazing presentation, always grateful"

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"Hi Bill, Just to let you know, you did a really great job last night on the presentation. This was really one of the most useful presentations that Co-op has ever put on. Anyway, great topic, great was a lot of fun and I hope to sit in on a presentation of yours in the future!"

"Good Evening Bill, Thanks for a great presentation. I thought your presentation tonight was one of the best that we had since I joined Co-op."

"Good evening, Mr. Peterson. I would just like to say that I really enjoyed your presentation from start to finish, and that it really opened my eyes to the options that are out there. Thanks again for coming to present to us, and hopefully with some luck, I'll get to play a little bit of Cashflow with you."

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"Bill Delivers his talk in a way in which no one else can"

"The advice and guidance he has provided our students has proven to be truly life changing..."

"It is with great pleasure and confidence that I recommend to you Bill Peterson as a speaker..."

Gordie Kline

Anglophone East School District



A unique and engaging presentation that does more than educate, motivate & inspire- It's life changing!

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